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Your imagination deserves a great home.

Imagine a place you could experiment with your ideas,  make real connections and create impact* that contributes to something better. Welcome home.

Welcome home, it is good to see you.

Whether you want to build a business that makes the world better, or have a crazy creative idea to improve your community, we meet you where you are.

What's on at Homebase

Free events and workshops to inspire you, connect you to fellow changemakers and help you initiate the change you want to see.

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Explore which pathway is right for you. It might be one or it might be all three. If you’ve got ideas for better, make this your home away from home.


Workshops, events and learning opportunities for anyone interested in making lasting change in themselves, their community or the world.
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Impact Boom’s competitive, free incubator program for early-stage ideas and startups creating impact for people, place or planet.
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Growth Lab

3-6-month residencies for high-potential impact organisations with market traction and specific development goals.
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Why Visit Us?

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. And we believe creativity can change the world. The current ways of working won’t cut it anymore. We need better solutions, new ideas and different ways of thinking for a sustainable and just future.

HomeBase is an innovation incubator. It exists to stimulate creativity and community connection in the Logan region. To grow inclusive and impact-led organisations. Organisations that reflect the diversity of Logan. It’s a place where you can learn and grow, exploring new ways to create positive impact, no matter who you are.  

If you know things could be different - better - join our community of change.

Meet our team

Michael Doneman,  
Executive-in-Residence, Homebase
Rena Frohman,
Practice Lab, The Yunus Centre Griffith University
Athanasia Price,
Communication, The Yunus Centre Griffith University
Tom Allen,
Founder, Impact Boom
Michelle Smith,
Partnerships, The Yunus Centre Griffith University
Philippe Ceulen,
Principal, Innovation Architects
Patricia Smith,
Operations, The Yunus Centre Griffith University
Mark Gustowski,
Managing Director, Innovation Architects

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Are you a potential applicant, mentor, community member, student, researcher, corporate, journalist or someone else interested in HomeBase? Get in touch with us using the contact form or pop into the space at the address below.
Home Base
Part of Griffith University
Logan Campus
68 University Dr,
QLD 4131, Australia
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