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Elevate+ and Growth Lab aimed to support local economic development while growing inclusive and distributive economies. That means we wanted to support entrepreneurs who are often not served by mainstream incubators, and to encourage business models that increase positive social, environmental and cultural outcomes.


Elevate +

Run by Impact Boom, Elevate+ was a 20-week impact enterprise accelerator. Participants developed their sustainable and scalable business or community project that created positive social, environmental or cultural impact.

What's was the program?

12 weekly digital modules, providing knowledge + exercises to guide them to success
12 in-person group workshops led by passionate & experienced industry professionals
Personal & group mentoring sessions to help participants scale their enterprise & maximise their impact
Networking, pitch events & strong exposure to help founders gain customers, partners or funders
Read about our cohort

What did our 2021 founders think?

*thanks to the crew at Folktale for helping us gather and collate these important reflections
*thanks to the crew at Folktale for helping us gather and collate these important reflections

Our 2021 showcase event!

*we think our video from PIF Productions really captured the spirit of the night!

Speakers + Mentors

The Elevate+ team and support crew are experienced, purpose-driven, people who are highly passionate about creating strong social, cultural and environmental impact. Participants were supported by leading industry professionals with both local and international experience during in-person presentations, workshops and mentoring.

Alex Hannant

Co-Director, Yunus Centre, Griffith University

Ingrid Burkett

Co-Director, Yunus Centre, Griffith University

Tom Allen

CEO, Impact Boom & Lead Facilitator

Mark Gustowski

Partner, Innovation Architects

Philippe Ceulen

Partner, Innovation Architects

Sarah Mak

Founder, Folktale

Stacey Ross

CEO, The Centre for Women & Co.

Katie Richards

Founder, Law on Earth

Tony Sharp

Co-Founder & CEO, Substation33

Tim O'Brian & Ebony Fowler


Rowan Lamont

Strategy Designer, Business Models Inc.

Michael Doneman

Yunus Centre, Griffith University

Paulette Oldfield

City Transformation Program Leader, City of Logan

Nathan NGuyen

General Manager, Land Raxx

Josh Murchie

Co-Founder & CEO, Little Phil

Justin Thiang

City Innovation Lead, City of Logan

Nahshon Pinto

Director, 7 Tiles

Tom Dawkins

Co-Founder & CEO, StartSomeGood

Yasmin Grigaliunas

Co-Founder & CEO, WBGS

David Martin

Principal, Pathfinder Facilitation

Nina Yousefpour

Social Enterprise Certification Manager, Social Traders

Alex Hooke

Social Procurement Lead, Social Traders

What we learned

We had a wonderful cohort and a proven program in Elevate+. Nevertheless we still learned some lessons.
We learned focusing on a single region and one University meant a narrowing of our eligible applicants.
We learned that encouraging the kind of underestimated and underserved entrepreneurs we hoped would apply, meant a lot more up front support and in-program support than we planned.
We learned that those who engaged in the pre-accelerator capability workshops and supports showed greater engagement throughout the whole program.
We learned to think more broadly about accessibility 
(thanks Dignity Project!)
We learned the most successful network connections were from entrepreneurs whose values were aligned with those of our cohort.
We learned that it’s more difficult to build the camaraderie that’s important in an in-person cohort when the physical location doesn’t make it easy for incidental catch ups before or after sessions.
We learned that sometimes, no matter how much we want an idea to work, if the founder isn’t ready we should pay attention to the signs and not push it. Timing is everything.
And we learned…(although we suspected)... there are incredibly awesome, passionate, clever entrepreneurs in this region with even bigger hearts ❤


Growth Lab

What we did

Run by Innovation Architects, Growth Lab was tailored support for high-potential impact-focussed enterprises or innovation projects that needed support to reach the next level of success.

Entrepreneurs had the privilege of one-on-one mentoring with Innovation Architects to build the capability and grow the networks necessary to move to their next level of growth.

What we learned

  1. Perhaps our definition of eligibility was too narrow to attract the cohort we imagined.

  2. We entered the local market at a time when there were actually lots of similar support structures on offer for this particular region.
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